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Where to start

The recommended training syllabus can take up to 40 hours of driving lessons to work through and bring you in line with, and beyond the standard required for the Driving Standards Agency 'B' car test, this is the recommendation from the DSA, some people will take less time and some more.


If you would like to test your theory knowledge there are two mock tests available on the DSA site, click here to try DSA Tests or check out the recommended links page for other sites that do mock tests. Alternatively purchase one of our recommended CD's and practice on your home computer.


What to do next


Contact your chosen instructor well in advance of your 17th Birthday so you can can start you working towards the theory test, then try to arrange a lesson on your Birthday. Before you can drive on the road you will need to have a provisional driving licence for 'B' class vehicles, for more information on driving licences click here DVLA.


We would recommend that you book your first lesson for two hours if you have not driven before so you have plenty of time to learn the general controls of the car and what each one does, as this lesson involves quite a lot of talking you should try to negotiate only to pay for one hour, but by the end of the lesson you should be moving off in the car and stopping again safely and under control.


Training Rates


You will find the standard lesson rate for driving lessons in West Sussex are anywhere between 18 and 28.00 per hour, if you are paying much less than this there is the thought that you will only get what you pay for! You can normally save money by block booking 10 hours or more in advance, although we would recommend having a couple of lessons prior to committing yourself to 'Block booking' in case there is a personality clash between you and your instructor.  When taking advantage of 'Block booking' try to arrange times and dates for the complete block with your instructor.

Learner drivers

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